Understanding The Threats of Cannabis

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In the past several years drug use has become very common among young people and the general population. Addiction to certain drugs is a very serious health concern, and must be dealt with wisely and thoroughly. Some people get to be addicted simply through trying a substance such as tobacco or beer. Others have an addictive personality and would most likely become dependent on something at one time or another.


There are so many drugs available to the general population that it is difficult for drug enforcement agencies to keep abreast of the situation. Often a person in hospital for surgery will become addicted to the painkillers they needed to have while recovering. Others can become addicted to the prescription drugs given to them by their family doctor for something like anxiety attacks or depression.


Then there are the street drugs, which pushers try to get into the schools, knowing that if they can get a few young people addicted they will make money. This often begins with the introduction to Cannabis (marijuana), which has serious psychoactive effects. Although the verdict is still to be decided as to whether or not cannabis is actually an addictive substance, most people believe it is.


While cannabis is a milder drug than the others, this is often the way addiction starts. A person may feel left out if s/he doesn’t conform to the crowd, so the drug is tried. Many times it is tried only once, but there are many more times when it becomes a staple in the young person’s life. This then leads to experimenting with other, more dangerous drugs, such as cocaine or LSD.


When young people find out that their favourite Hollywood star or TV rapper is on a certain substance, they want to be just like that person. Often that leads to serious drug addiction, which can lead to a ruined life or even death. And this often comes about because they started on cannabis. So we cannot dismiss cannabis as a harmless substance.


Cannabis is the fourth most used addictive substance in the world, with only tobacco, alcohol and caffeine leading the way. It is a member of the hemp family, and its fibre, seeds, and oil from the seeds, are often used medicinally. Hemp seeds are promoted as a health food as they contain the essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.


Cannabis may be ingested in many ways. It can be steeped, as a tea, it can be smoked, and can be mixed in with food. Many years ago there was a fad for marijuana brownies, that had almost every college student making up a batch or two to use on unsuspecting friends. For someone with a delicate nervous system, this could cause temporary problems, such a dizziness, a sense of being out of one’s body, and other strange and frightening symptoms. These would leave, but sometimes were enough to scare a would-be user from ever trying the substance again.


Once addiction has been established, treatment should be sought for the person. This means that all the people involved, mother, father, husband, wife, children, are all part of the person’s addiction, because drug addiction hurts the whole family. The right method will be determined by the staff of professional experts at the treatment centre.


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