The True Dangers of Methamphetamine

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Methamphetamine, known on the streets as ice, crank crystal and Tina, has a gruesome reputation, just google images of users to see the sunken, zombie-faced, soulless human beings it produces. The dangers are plain to see, undeniable and clearly laid out in hideous before and after pictures on the technicolour pages of the internet and in newspapers and magazines. So why? Why do people use it?

Stupid People?

Most drug users are somewhat aware, even on a subconscious level that for everything there is some sort of price to pay whether it’s with your face, your heart, your pocket or your freedom. Users are not generally speaking stupid people: Reckless….. Yes, perhaps. Disconnected and dissatisfied…. Probably. Arrogant in the sense of this won’t happen to me….Yes. But stupid, definitely not. Just pay homage for a moment to the feats of cunning ingenuity that it takes to sustain, hide and propagate a drug habit of any sort. …….. And you will clearly understand that stupid does not come in to it.

Narcotic Base Jumping

Meth is dark… edgy…. dangerous and therefore hugely attractive to people of a certain disposition, not in the rock star glamour sense of cocaine, but in a much more blatantly destructive way that screams loudly of blowing the whole damn world straight out of the water with a cruise missile. This is essentially the narcotic version of base jumping without a parachute.

Fairy Dust

The chemical hooks that it launches into your brain, whether smoked, snorted or injected, bring with them a powerful rocket-like rush of happiness and an enormous sense of wellbeing and invincibility. A superhuman energy and motivation is gifted to you, so intense that were you facing down Genghis Khan’s army it’s possible that even the great general himself would be wobbling in his boots and unable to sit on his horse for fear. Additionally, for the period the drug is working a clarity of thought descends upon the user making the muddles of the world into a dewy mountain pool in your mind. It’s like a drop of Fairy Liquid in a pool of greasy washing up water.

$ The Price $

Now, that’s attractive enough to pay for with your face, your teeth and your heart, is it not? Who doesn’t want to feel imbibed with all the power of the universe especially if, in your normal life you feel devoid of all influence and authority and if being a human being in this fast paced 21st century world is all just a little too overwhelming or perhaps even disappointing?

The price for this pristine high is, however, potentially mammoth. In the short term users can experience decreased appetite and dramatic weight loss, disturbed sleep patterns, delusions of power, anxiety, paranoia, hallucinations and become potentially aggressive and irritable. Additionally, even for a first time user, there is the potential for convulsions, stroke and heart failure.

This is a drug which is cooked in make shift labs by people who unlike Walt from Breaking Bad have no real chemical expertise. This means that despite their prideful claims over the high quality of their ‘cook’ the product is often riddled with toxic impurities.

Long term users can permanently damage the blood vessels of their heart and brain resulting in high blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke and death. This substance is so corrosive that, in fact, it leaves very few of the major organs untouched. Even with all these physical nasties, the insanity is that the march of the meth-head can continue its campaign in ever decreasing circles towards brain damage with severe memory loss and symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s.

Shockingly, when taken over a long period of time Meth can rob you of that hugely human capacity to feel pleasure and joy because it actually DESTROYS your dopamine receptors. Consider too, even when these are not totalled, they can take up two years to rectify themselves and it becomes clear that ‘the house’ always wins with this particular roulette game.

Spinning Out: Obsession and Compulsion

The men in white coats also believe that this drug hits your dopamine receptors with an unparalleled velocity which is not even close to being matched by the likes of cocaine. The intensity of the high is therefore matched by the ferocious power of the obsession and compulsion to use more. A tunnel vision descends upon the regular user so all-consuming that it leaves no room for anything else, resulting in chronically unmanageable personal and professional consequences. With every spin of the wheel users are, because of the denial component of addiction, convinced they will win this roll of the dice, that it will be better tomorrow, that the next big score is just around the corner or just that this won’t happen again. Unfortunately, it’s a never ending losing streak.

Insane Mutiny

This is insanity, as defined by Einstein: ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results’. The insanity can manifest in different ways, it might be that you are so demented with paranoia that you are hiding in the wardrobe of your bedroom for days or so incensed by being ripped off for a 10 spot that you break a man’s legs in the middle of the street in broad daylight. It doesn’t really matter what the show case is, the obsession and compulsion will drive you out to score again…… and again, all the while racking up more and more personal penalties. Meth holds the shiny golden keys to the gateway of the deranged, forget defeating armies, it’s the armies in your mind which will beat your ass every time.

So, if you are circling the drain of insanity on a fast forward spin cycle where the Fairy Liquid is no longer magically clearing the water and the soldiers of your mind, once astute in their acquisition of your chosen fuel, are conspiring against you with an unforeseen malevolence, it’s time to ask for help.

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