Seasons Bali Scores Again

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Seasons Bali has just netted an internationally recognised accreditation, awarded by an independent organisation, for the second year running. This makes us one of the only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in Asia and certainly the only one in Bali, to have such an accolade.

This may seem like a useless piece of paper and a boring random fact to report on, but if you were being treated for any other life threatening illness wouldn’t you want to know that this was being done using the best possible practices executed by the most skilled practitioners?

Why Does Seasons Bali Get Audited by Choice?

Richard Smith, owner and founder of Seasons Bali, sought out the ISO100 accreditation due to the outrageous lack of regulation within the drug and alcohol treatment industry, not just in the lawless lands of Asia but also in his homeland, Australia. The Hader Clinic, our founding facility in Australia is also monitored using the same exacting standards set by BSI.

Richard said: “We do this to ensure that we continue to deliver the best possible program and the most positive outcomes for our clients.”

This is the crux of the matter – by making sure all the moving parts within Seasons Bali are functioning as they should, means that all the staff have the freedom to remain client focused at all times.

What the Expert Says

Agus Komara, auditor/client manager for BSI Indonesia, explained: “This facility already has a certificate which the BSI awards annually after an inspection, so over the last two days we have been verifying that the corrective actions had been taken since the last audit and that all the systems are still correctly implemented and consistent.”

“This certificate means that all the procedures used within the company are audited by independent organisation. We look at whether all the policies and procedures outlined in Seasons guidelines match what actually happens in the day to day activities of the company.”

“It has gone very well. We have verified that all management systems, support systems, rehab services and human resources have procedures that meet the standard. One of the really good things about Seasons is that the business has implemented an electronic management system which means that all the data and records are easy to retrieve and that makes my job easy.”

What the Audit Means in Layman’s terms

The ISO9001 accreditation comes from an international body which annually inspects Seasons management systems and every working part of the organisation. This includes the way we keep the client files, the handovers, the medication records and the other office based systems.

This process also examines the process of collecting customer satisfaction surveys and checking that this information is actively being analysed by management and any relevant findings actioned. This important process does not stop there as there must be follow up procedures to check whatever action taken was successful.

Also on the list checked by the inspection are procedures for the upkeep and maintenance of our gorgeous facility which includes everything from the air conditioning units and calibration of medical equipment to the condition of the bus used for outings and transport to 12 step meetings. Furthermore, the purchasing polices and running of the kitchen are given a through once over by the eagle eyes of the auditor. All of these things ensure the safety and wellbeing of the clients within our care.

Possibly one of the most valuable cogs in the wheel of drug and alcohol treatment is the staff whether they are our drivers, case managers or therapists. The auditing process guarantees that we have not only a comprehensive induction process/training provision but that ultimately our staff are qualified and well equipped for the job. Seasons’ team at every level, pride themselves in the work that they do and this can only benefit the most important people in our centre: the clients.

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