Seasons Bali Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre More than just a Rehab Charity Projects, Addiction Awareness and Education

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Seasons Bali drug and alcohol rehab is invested in helping people get well from addiction problems as part of their luxury treatment program. However, the team also believe in helping the local communities on the beautiful tropical island of Bali and beyond around Indonesia. Part of the whole ethos of recovery is to give back what you have and the founder, Richard Smith and operations manager, Ketut Bobi Nadiasa take this idea very seriously. Together they form an invincible team.

Yayasan Musim Indonesia – The Seasons Foundation, Indonesia

A luxury drug and alcohol treatment centre like Seasons Bali is mainly attractive to westerners who have an understanding of drug and alcohol treatment and money to spend on addressing these issues. Having said that, the whole concept of addiction as a mental health condition rather than a criminal justice issue is beginning to take root in Indonesia. The psychology faculty of Universitas Paramadina in Jakarta is leading the way, and in the process of developing a post-graduate course in addiction science with the input of Seasons Bali, founder and director, Richard Smith.

Richard Smith on education and giving back

Richard is the founder of Seasons Bali, the Hader Clinic in Melbourne and the Hader Institute of Education. Before opening his own facility, he worked in major healthcare institutions in Victoria, Australia and subsequently ran a private counselling practice which grew into the Hader Clinic in 1997. Furthermore, he has personal experience of addiction and after 17 years of using drugs and alcohol, he found recovery in 1985.

His personal experience combined with his professional skills have helped countless addicts and their families deal with the destructive forces of addiction. His dream was to create a program that treated addiction holistically addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of the problem. Out of this ethos, the Seasons Hader addiction program was born.

Affordable outpatient program for Indonesians, anti-drug education program and training camps

In addition to the rehab centre in Bali, Richard’s Indonesian staff are employed to provide affordable or no cost treatment to Indonesians with BNN and BNK. Operations manager, Bobi Ketut Nadiasa, otherwise known as Bobi is a pivotal figure in all aspects of Seasons Bali’s charity work. The skills that both Richard and Bobi bring to the table make a formidable pair.

The aim of this is to help the local drug-addicted population through an outpatient treatment program. Additionally, in Jakarta, Seasons Bali sponsors an annual camp for all the drug workers to share knowledge so they can better help their communities. Another project funded by the team is Yayasan Lingkaran Peduli which runs drug education programs in schools in Java. Likewise, the team provides pro bono work for the Indonesian Mental Health Council.



ICARO is another project Seasons Bali, Bobi and Richard have a hand in and it was formed with the idea that all addiction-related organisations have a role to play in helping each other grow. The 12 founding members include representatives from well-known rehabs and addiction-related organisations including The Dawn in Thailand, Astute in Malaysia, the Oneness Group in Japan and the Seasons Hader Group. This group meets to discuss the development of the addiction treatment industry and to promote education and ethics. Richard is the Vice President and both sponsors and hosts events with Bobi’s assistance.

Charity work in the forgotten North of Bali

Bobi is an integral part of the Seasons story and is the operations manager in Bali. He originally applied for a job as Richard’s personal assistant on the 15th January 2012. Bobi turned up with a half a head of hair and credits this outrageous style as to why he got the job. Hilarity aside, Bobi is one of 11 brothers from a poor village in the north of Bali. He left home as a teenager and went to work in the markets to pay for his education and successfully completed his Bachelor degree in Business Administration in 2010 and is currently completing his MBA.

His management experience, organisational skills and sheer tenacity have helped Seasons Bali develop into the success it is today. Bobi is also the logistics man who finds how all the pieces of the dream can be ordered and achieved. In addition to the rehab work and drug-related charity work Richard and Bobi also run a charity organisation called Yayasan Gunung Pahlengkong. This focuses on conservation, recycling plastics and educating children in English and computing in the North West region of Bali where Bobi is from.

Moreover, this Yayasan also teaches the art of Balinese dance, gamelan and wood carving ensuring the islands extraordinary culture is kept alive and strong. In the village, they also build sanitation for some of the poorest families making sure that their quality of life is improved all-round.

Don’t forget where you came from

So whether you were born in a poor village in the wilds of Bali or were a heroin addict for 17 years, the message is don’t forget where you came from. The charity work associated with Seasons Bali is an integral part of the ethos of recovery promoted here.

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