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How To Rebuild Family Trust

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Addiction causes harm in many ways. One of the most devastating consequences of addiction is the destroyed relationships left in the wake of an addict’s behavior. The good news is: there is hope! Once you commit to recovery, you can rebuild the relationships you have damaged. Addicts tend to develop…

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Learn How To Fight Negativity

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Alcoholics and people with other addictions usually share quite a few common traits. Whatever your poison may be, there’s a good chance your resistance is weakened when you struggle with negative thoughts and emotions. To get sober, or clean, and stay that way, you will learn how to fight negativity….

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Eight Ways To Plan A Sober Holiday

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Ah, the holidays! Festivities, merriment, celebration, and, for many of us, especially recovering addicts, stress and memories of disaster and trauma. Many recovering addicts have some pretty difficult issues to work through when they begin to look at the history of their relationships with family. Holidays are supposed to be…

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