Learn How To Fight Negativity

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Alcoholics and people with other addictions usually share quite a few common traits. Whatever your poison may be, there’s a good chance your resistance is weakened when you struggle with negative thoughts and emotions. To get sober, or clean, and stay that way, you will learn how to fight negativity. In the game of baseball, they say “you can’t hit what you can’t see.” Let’s begin by briefly discussing a few types of negative thinking. Then we will look at five ways to fight negativity.

Types of Negative Thinking

All or nothing thinking says if it is not perfect, it is no good. An addict may disqualify positives by thinking up reasons why good things are not good or don’t count. Viewing life through the filter of a negative self-image magnifies all our flaws. We call anticipating the worst possible outcome catastrophizing. Needing external approval renders you vulnerable to negative thoughts when you don’t get it. Workaholism forces you to put your true needs aside. A false belief that you can read other people’s minds can lead you to think the worst when everything is ok. That’s a subclass of overall pessimism, irrationally expecting things are or will turn out bad.

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Therapy works!

Learn Self-Awareness & Self-Acceptance and Avoid Shame

To succeed in recovery, you need to pay attention to what’s going on in your own head. Your unexamined, unquestioned thoughts can harm you. Shame is a particularly negative emotion that you can learn to recognize and address by cultivating self-acceptance. You can learn more about healing shame here. A good recovery program will include both one to one and group therapy. Your therapist and group facilitator will help you learn to cultivate self-awareness as well as self-acceptance.

Learn Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a special technique for managing emotions and cultivating self-awareness. When we practice meditation, we learn to quiet our minds and stop answering our thoughts and watch them instead. Gradually, we seek to allow the mind to become completely silent. Cultivating this calm sense of observation to quiet a reactive mind helps us recognize negative thinking. Seasons Bali offers mindfulness meditation sessions.

Harness The Power of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a powerful tool for addiction recovery that we use in Seasons Bali’s rehab and addiction recovery programs. In CBT therapy, recovering addicts learn to identify and understand harmful beliefs, cognitive distortions and harmful behavior patterns that arise from them. We learn to identify situations that trigger this type of thinking so we can be alert when we are at risk. Then we learn to develop habits of positive thinking and take action based on these habits of thought. You can learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy here.

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Fight negativity by spending time with positive people.

Avoid Negative People & Seek Out Positive People That You Admire

The company you choose to keep is always very important, and especially so when you begin recovery. You will need to take an honest inventory of your associates and determine who is going to support your recovery efforts and who is going to drag you back down into addiction. You will probably need to cut some ties, even if it is painful. And remember, you are worth it. Surrounding yourself with people who model good habits of thought and action will help you stay the course on the road of recovery. Group therapy and support groups for addicts can be good resources for finding people who will be a good influence.

Set Attainable Goals & Avoid Perfectionism

As we have noted, good enough is good enough. Demanding perfection of yourself creates a burden that no one should have to bear, least of all someone struggling with addiction. Avoid perfectionism and accept your limitations. But don’t give up on making progress and accomplishing things. Just set goals that are within your reach. Setting and reaching attainable goals will help you feel good about yourself. Cultivating self-esteem will help support your efforts to get clean and stay clean.

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