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whiteater raft seen from above in a treelined gorge

Addiction takes a heavy toll. Addicts lose their true connections with other people and with life itself, replacing constructive engagement with alcohol or drugs. Drugs and alcohol offer an empty, meaningless, unmoored life. Fortunately, there is hope. All this is reversible. Addicts who choose to get clean can do the hard work of recovery and learn how to experience true connection once again. A good recovery program will help addicts relearn how to enjoy life in recovery.

Therapists will guide addicts to develop self-esteem, confidence, and connection to others, giving them a reason to live again. But addicts must take these lessons and use them as a guide to action beyond therapy to really re-engage with life. At Seasons Bali, addicts learn how to live in recovery, practicing what they discover in group and individual therapy and education sessions. Recovery is hard work, but it can be fun too. For clients at Seasons Bali, our fun and engaging activity programs provide a crucial opportunity to practice living clean and living well.

We compliment group therapy sessions every weekday and weekly individual therapy sessions with supervised activities. These group activities help addicts develop confidence in their ability to live life beyond rehab. Some are a bit challenging, helping addicts develop self-esteem. We do all of them as a group, helping addict relearn how to trust other people and benefit from honest, open engagement. Our case managers supervise the excursions and then our therapists follow up on the challenges and the progress that arise. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer at Seasons Bali.

five people putting their "hands in" in a circle seen from below with trees above

Learn to bond with others in a healthy way

Learn How To Enjoy Life In Recovery with Cultural Activities

There is more to life than just drugs and alcohol. And there is more to life in rehab and after rehab than just focusing on staying clean. Recovery is a lot easier if you practice making it worth the effort by learning how to enjoy life without drugs and alcohol. Seasons offers weekly group activities to help clients re-engage with life and practice cultivating healthy social relationships.

Whether it is a trip to a relaxing hot springs with beautiful natural scenery, an excursion to a amazing temple perched on a rock outcropping jutting dramatically from the sea, a visit to traditional market with a bit of foreign language practice, or just a group outing to stroll on the beach or take in a movie, the emphasis is on fun and connection. It is part of the work. Rehab can be hard at times, but fun is an important part of our formula for success at Seasons Bali.

two women walking on beach with surfboards

Surfing is a great way to feel a natural high again

Learn How To Enjoy Life In Recovery With Challenging Activities Like Surfing & Whitewater Rafting

Bali is a world famous surf destination. There are over a hundred surf spots on “The Island of the Gods.” Some are world class waves, breaking fast and hollow over sharp shallow reef, suitable for pros only. It’s quite an experience to watch the daring experts who charge these challenging monsters. There are also lots of spots that are suitable for beginners taking their first crack at surfing.

Surfing is an incredible natural high. Just standing up is harder than you might think. Rising to this challenge and persevering until you succeed produces a good shot of natural dopamine. Our skilled instructors ensure clients are never in danger, but the first days in the water can be a bit intimidating and the adrenaline response this produces is quite exhilarating. The instructors know how to respond to client needs and make sure everyone is getting a level of challenge they are comfortable with.

The action of breaking waves produces aerated whitewater, and in the process, ions. Ionized air works a certain special kind of magic, making us feel more alive than ever. Some studies indicate that it alleviates depression. One thing is certain, it feels great. Being out in the water, feeling the power of the ocean and connection to nature, and trusting in a qualified and safe instructor is an empowering and joyful experience. For those who don’t feel confident in the water, staying on the beach and spectating and bonding with other group members and guides sipping a coconut and taking in the lovely Bali scenery is a nice option.

Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting also provides a fun challenge. In this activity, teamwork is crucial, so it is great for rebuilding a sense of connection and the ability to trust in a healthy way. Our guides are very safety focused and begin with a briefing that gives clients everything they need to know to work together safely to navigate mildly challenging Class III rapids. During a three-hour river trip, clients paddle as a team, maneuvering through the rapids. The river has flat water sections where clients can marvel at the tropical beauty of the river and the riparian environment and bond over their triumphs. And like surfing, river waves and “holes” created aerated water and ions for that magical bonus of naturally invigorating ionized air.

One of our case managers who joins recovering addicts on excursions recalls: “On a rafting trip on the Ayung river, one of our clients, a 40-year-old stimulant addict, cried tears of gratitude a the beauty of our surroundings, the joy of being part of the rehab paddling team, and the fact he could love life again. It was a deeply moving experience to see him finding success in learning to love life in recovery. That is why we love this job!”

Trek Through The Jungle To A Beautiful Waterfall

For those who find the thought of surfing or whitewater rafting too intimidating, there are sort of ‘beginner pool’ options for surfing. You will be surprised how comfortable it can be in waist deep water. But if it’s still not for you, don’t despair. We’ve also offer mildly exerting treks through the jungle to beautiful waterfalls. Clients will feel a sense of accomplishment and a feeling of gratitude and joy for the beauty of nature. Plus, waterfalls create those magical ions too!

person strolling on a beach near cliffs

Reconnect with life in beautiful natural settings

Does That Sound Like More Fun Than Getting Numb? Take A Step Towards Recovery Today

Your life is yours to live. Don’t waste it turning away from life by getting drunk or getting high. You know you have a problem. That’s why you are here reading this. (Or maybe you are here because you are concerned about someone else, in which case you might want to check our article on how to convince someone to go to rehab.) Take the first step on the road to a better life. Learn more about our Rehab Program in Bali for recovering from addiction backed with our evidence-based family therapy program [link] and make a plan.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol or any other form of addiction, call one of our experts today on (toll-free Australia) 1800 288 348 or +62 8124678 or email us at [email protected] and we will call you.


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