ISO9001 Accreditation

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SEASONS Bali has just earned an international accreditation, making it one of only drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in South East Asia to have netted such an accolade.


‘Wowzeer’s …so what’ – I hear you cry – ‘a bit of paper, what great news!’…… ‘How goddamn interesting!’ – Readers are fully expected to have their internal, sarcastic intonation volume maxed out. But, just hold on a minute…..if you were getting treated for cancer wouldn’t you want to know you were getting the best possible service by expert practitioners?


Shockingly, private treatment centres as a rule are unregulated in Australia, and pretty much never accredited in any way in the badlands of Asia, so what made owner and recovery maverick, Richard Smith seek this out?


He said: “We want to keep our vision client focused and it is all about fine tuning our services. I am a great advocate of regulation in this industry and this certification gives us even more credibility.”


At Seasons, we have a pretty high success rate with 64% of clients who complete either 28/60/90 day programs still being clean, sober and abstinent after one year. Of course the longer the program, the higher chance of success is forecasted. Now, this might not sound like an impressive statistic but consideration must be given to the nature of the chronic and progressive disease that we treat and the unruly attitudes and actions that come with it. Also as a 12 step facility we set the bar pretty high with what we term as success – total abstinence. How do you measure an improvement in the quality of life?


The staff at Seasons take a healthy amount of pride in giving clients the appropriate tools to overcome their problems with addiction and alcoholism. This, realistically, can be a messy business involving chaotic people (clients not staff), the ever present human factor and the elusive problem X. After all, we are assisting our patrons to find a way back to sanity and the path of personnel growth is never going to be a straight line on a graph. We are not making toothbrushes and one size does not fit all….


The accreditation – ISO9001 – comes from an international body and is in some senses essentially a box ticking exercise which seeks to confirm that we have quality management systems in place. It is essential to have order in these areas to allow us flexibility and clarity to deal with that pesky X factor, which is actually at the core of what we do: treat the disease of addiction.


One of the fundamental factors of recovery is reflected by this audit– take control of the things you can and don’t try and be master of the universe. We can’t control our wayward clients in as much as we can’t control their progress. We can influence it: Yes. We can show people the right path: Yes. We can guide and encourage: Yes. But, sadly, nobody ever made anybody stop drinking and drugging, if that were true there would probably be no rehabs. Changing people’s outlooks and behaviours is a tricky business. Addicts and alcoholics must show up being willing to change and the ‘willingness fairy’, who remains as illusive her sister the tooth fairy, does not work at Seasons or at any other facility known to man.


What we can control are the records we keep. The client files, the handovers, the medication records and other systems, all of which were audited by the accreditation board to meet their exacting standards. We can control the maintenance and condition of our beautiful facility from the air conditioning units and calibration of medical equipment to the condition of the bus that’s used for outings and transportation to 12 step meetings. In addition, the purchasing polices and kitchen were inspected. These things ensure that our clients are kept safe and happy during their stay with us. It’s the simple things, but even the simple things need to be looked after properly.


Further to this, Seasons had to prove that it was collecting customer satisfaction data and that this information was being analysed and any findings from it actioned. There, then has to be procedures to check that this action has been successful. This process starts and finishes with client satisfaction surveys which are completed on discharge. Management meetings to discuss the findings are sandwiched into the process and accurate minutes must be kept.


Seasons also had to show that it had a comprehensive induction process/training for staff to ensure that the people working for us are qualified and well equipped for the job. If we have the right people with the right resources it follows that the experience of our clients is going to be more fruitful. And this, for us, is the bottom line: helping people help themselves to get well.


The accreditation is reassessed every year to ensure that high standards are continually kept. So, if you think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and desire access to the very best tool kit delivered by a top team, it’s time to give one of our experts a call to discuss how we can help.


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