How To Have Fun Without Drugs And Alcohol

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If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs or alcohol, solving it will involve confronting some fears. Many people who are beginning to realize they need to stop using drugs or drinking worry that life will be boring without their ‘preferred poison.’ They know that they want to stop at some level, but their fear makes them hesitant to admit this. They ask themselves “what is left when I take away drugs and alcohol?” Sometimes the discouraging but honest answer is: not so much. The “friends” you make when you have a drug or alcohol problem are perhaps not really true friends but rather just enablers. Without the option of “partying” with a crew of enablers, what other choices do you have? Fortunately, the answer is “plenty!” Let’s talk about how to have fun without drugs and alcohol, or any other addictive behavior you are trying to get away from.

First Things First: Be Patient And Remember Your Priorities

Getting clean is not always easy, but it is worth the effort, and it does get easier if you keep at it. The first steps are usually the hardest steps. It will probably take you a while to adjust to sober living. In a good recovery program, you will learn to watch your mind quietly and see when you are getting frustrated or agitated. You will also learn techniques to calm yourself when you feel this way. You will learn about the costs of addiction and the benefits of recovery, and commit to keeping your eye on the prize: a much better life. Cultivating new ways to have fun when you are in recovery will take a while, so remember what you are working for and be patient.

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Learn to really feel good again

Re-adjusting A Broken Reward Circuit

Drugs, alcohol, and other addictions gradually change the way your brain works. Your brain has a reward circuit, designed to make you feel good when you do good things. Addiction hijacks this reward circuit and overloads it. Your chronically over-stimulated reward circuit gradually stops responding to normal healthy things that should make you feel good. Don’t worry; those effects will wear off as you proceed down the road of recovery and learn to say no to the urges that arise from your addiction. Just be patient, and know that you will be able to feel true joy again, for good and real reasons. You deserve better than the fleeting and costly artificial happiness of addiction. Everyone deserves real happiness, and you can create it for yourself by staying clean and learning to have healthy fun again. Let’s look at a few healthy ways to stimulate those reward circuits and feel good for the right reasons.

How to have fun without drugs & alcohol – connect with friends

Have Fun Without Drugs And Alcohol: Social Connection

Positive interactions with other people are a great source of good feelings and fun. Addiction leads addicts to withdraw from healthy relationships and focus on enablers. These may be good people, just like you, but they are in a bad place and you need to get away from them. Finding new friends and building healthy relationships can be a hard project, but it’s so very worth it!

Addiction support groups can be a great place to make friends who really understand what you are going through. Supporting other people with similar problems can be rewarding and fun in itself, albeit emotional and painful at times too. Explore common potential interests and find people in your group to do things with. Anything you like that doesn’t feed back into your addiction. Get together and discuss books that you read, go to yoga class, just walk and talk, play chess, go to the movies, cook a meal together – anything that appeals to you. At first, it may take effort and your overworked reward circuits may not respond much, but stay the course and you will discover the pleasure of doing things with friends who understand you and care about you.

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Have fun with real friends, not enablers

How to Have Fun Without Drugs And Alcohol: Healthy Activities

Physically healthy activities have immense benefits for recovering addicts. Try something you used to love but left by the wayside when you fell into addiction. Or find something new to try. Experiment. Anything that gets your blood flowing is going to help you regulate emotion and beat stress, and sooner or later, it is going to start to feel really fun. Making goals and achieving them is very rewarding for many people. But if goal-oriented sports are not your cup of tea, don’t worry – you can relearn how to enjoy the process of doing something physical

How to Have Fun Without Drugs And Alcohol: Personal Growth

At the risk of redundancy, your reward circuit is designed to reward you for doing things that are good for you. Personal growth and achievement stimulate the reward circuit. It is overcoming challenges and stimulating those reward circuits that makes achievement fun. To get those circuits moving in a healthy way again, pick things you would like to learn and embark on a mission of personal growth. It doesn’t have to be profound. Something as simple as a cooking class can create a great feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and fun. Plus good nutrition is important for recovery, making a cooking class a particularly excellent choice. Learning to play an instrument or mastering a medium to create art are great options too. They offer the additional benefit of creative expression, which can lead you to deeper self-knowledge, connection with others, and catharsis.

Want A List Of Fun Things To Do Without Drugs Or Alcohol? Just Make One Yourself!

Ultimately, there are hundreds of ways to have fun without drugs or alcohol. Everyone else does it. You can too. Take a look around and see what other people are doing for fun. Don’t hesitate to try anything that crosses your mind, as long as it doesn’t involve things that will trigger your addiction. For instance, if you often danced when you drank, the connection there might be one to avoid for a while.

With patience, you can rediscover fun. We’ve helped hundreds of people succeed and keep succeeding, one day at a time on the road of recovery, and we are confident you can do it too. You may have to work at it, but don’t worry: you’ll get there. Practice now: think about being healthy, happy, and drug and alcohol-free, and smile. You can feel better, and you will if you commit to doing ‘the work’ as we say in recovery.

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