How Self Acceptance Helps Recovery

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man looks in mirror expressing self acceptance

If you are struggling with addiction, or if you care about someone who has a problem, you can see addiction is an attempt to escape reality. Why are people prone to addiction tempted to try escape? We say “try” to escape, because how successful is it really? How many addicts wake up and discover they are free?

The good news is there is hope! There are millions of recovering addicts who wake every morning and remember they are free – because they have chosen freedom every day for years!

It doesn’t come without work, but with honest effort and good guidance, you or the person you care about can recover and break free from addiction. But as they begin their journey to freedom, most addicts find it difficult to be fully honest about their problems with themselves, let alone other people. In order to recover, you need to learn to be honest with yourself. Read on to learn how self acceptance helps recovery.

Save Energy – Quit Fighting Reality

Self acceptance means you do not need to spend energy fighting reality. You don’t have to lie to yourself and others. You can sit with your problems and know you are ok. Know that you can survive, you can face painful truth, and you can do it without turning to addiction. When you realize you can be honest with yourself and survive and even heal in the process, you see that self acceptance means you don’t have to fight reality, and that is a relief. Life is easier when you do not have to deny who you are today. In this way, self acceptance makes recovery easier.

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Reach Out To Yourself

Get Some Peace

Addiction is an ineffective response to a difficult or painful situation. We respond to stress by seeking peace through the temporary relief of addiction. Side effects vary, ranging from moderately to severely unpleasant, meanwhile, symptoms persist unabated as soon as the binge is done. And addiction brings no lasting peace. Nobody thinks a roller coaster is relaxing. Getting perilously close to plunging into reality and then fleeing into false heights over and over again gets tiring.

If you admit you have a problem, you don’t have to hide anymore. Self acceptance can be a wonderful relief. You don’t have the anxiety of maintaining a false façade. You don’t have to stress out about convincing yourself and everyone else that your addiction is normal and healthy. And, with good guidance and sincere effort, you can get to the root of your pain, and understand what is wrong.

Admitting that your problems are real will be a relief. Admitting they will be difficult to solve will be a relief too. It’s ok. It will not be easy, but there is nothing to fear. You can do it.

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Ok Tough Guy, You Can Care About Yourself

Learn To Accept Yourself And Discover Compassion

If you will not even admit who you are to yourself, you cannot feel compassion for the real you, a person who is probably suffering more than they are accustomed to admitting. We try to turn away from pain, to ignore or deny it, to push it aside with our addiction. Then it comes back. So we must learn to turn towards our pain, feel and understand our feelings, recognize our faults and then sooth our pain. We do this by caring about ourselves and knowing that whatever we have done, whoever we are today, we deserve to be happy and be loved and be free. That is why we do the work.

An addict lives in exile from a lot of their true feelings. When you are so far from yourself emotionally, it is hard to be close to be others. Accepting yourself allows you to be more receptive and aware of other people’s feelings and extend your compassion to them. This kind of healthy connection will make you feel good and feeling good supports your efforts to recover.

man looks in mirror expressing self acceptance

Knowing Your Problems Is The First Step To Fixing Them

Accept Yourself: You Can’t Fix It Until You Admit It’s Broke

Addicts are suffering. Addiction is a way to escape the suffering instead of facing it and fixing it. You do not have to suffer forever. To stop suffering, you must first allow yourself to feel your emotions. You must honestly engage your feelings and experience and describe your pain and where it might come from. When you truly practice self-acceptance, you commit to understanding your problems, your pain, and, without harsh judgment, your faults and bad habits of thought and action.

Accepting yourself as you are is completely compatible with committing to change. It is the first sensible step. If your first step is pretending you don’t have problems, you are not going to get far fixing them. But try saying: “I have a big problem that is difficult to fix, and part of that problem is being bad at fixing problems.” Oh the cruel irony! Well, don’t worry. This is how it is for all addicts, and millions realize they want to be happy and free, so they get help and they learn to do the work of recovery.

Self acceptance is an important part of emotional sobriety, an important concept in recovery that describes how addicts can re-learn how to process and respond to emotions in a healthy way. You can read more about emotional sobriety here, and in an upcoming article, we will give you some tips on how to truly accept yourself.

Take the First Step

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