Eight Great Things About Recovery from Addiction

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This article is for anyone who thinks they might have a problem with addiction. It is also for anyone who cares about a person suffering from addiction and wants to encourage them to seek help. When we talk about the importance of recovering from addiction, we talk a lot about the cost of addiction. We talk about the harm it does. Often, it is the experience of waking up and realizing you want to stop paying the price of addiction that leads a person to start making better choices. Rather than look at the damage addiction does, we can talk about some great things about recovery.

There is an alternative to complement this perspective of choosing to avoid the suffering that addiction brings. By turning away from addiction you turn towards happiness. So today, instead of talking about what you lose when you choose to continue saying yes to your addiction, we are going to talk about the truly wonderful things you can look forward to gaining when you commit to fighting addiction.

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Create a new circle of friends.

Great Things About Recovery: You Will Make New Friends

Birds of a feather flock together. To get away from addiction, you’ll have to avoid hanging out with other practicing addicts. If you are like many addicts, you might find most of your “friends” are just other people with the same addiction who live nearby. Many addicts distance themselves from true friends, who they know will not enable them.

Just about everyone in recovery knows: you can’t go it alone. When you choose to work to recover from addiction, you will need support. Twelve step programs and other approaches will connect you with new people in support groups. Finally, you will be meeting people who can truly understand your struggle and sincerely support you. You will discover you can be more open than you could ever imagine, connecting with people that you know you can trust, people that will accept you without judgment and advise you with compassion. You know…real friends. It is going to feel really good. And rehab and recovery programs will also help you figure out how to make more friends outside of the program, because that is important too.

Discover fun healthy activities.

You Will Have More Fun

Most forms of addiction seem like fun initially, but after awhile, they become more necessary than fun, and simply temporarily sate the painful feeling of craving. Tolerance alone can’t completely explain why what was once thrilling becomes a mere rote necessity. Even if you are still finding that addiction is fun while you are in the high state, you know the cost of the lows.

We have some good news. When you decide to recover, you will reach out for guidance. When you reach out for guidance, you will discover as millions of addicts before have, part of the work you must do is re-discovering fun. You will learn to cultivate gratitude and be open to new experiences. And you will seek out and discover all kinds of new, healthy ways to have fun.

You Will Connect More And Create Community

When we are isolated from other people socially, we become vulnerable to addiction. And when we indulge in addiction, we close ourselves off from other people. So you see it is a very vicious cycle. Social connection is as vital to recovery as being disconnected is conducive to addiction.

Group therapy will show you an amazing model of connectedness and community. A connected community focused on supporting your recovery is great, but less focused connection and community provide important support for recovery too. Once again, as you learn about the work you must do to ensure successful recovery from addiction, you will discover an important task that will enrich your life immensely. Rehab and recovery support programs will help coach you to create stronger connections with individuals and find ways to seek out and create communities. It feels great to connect with people more, even in small ways, and to have a group of people that really know you can care about it.

You Will Begin To Feel Emotions Again

Addiction is like an off switch for emotions. Instead of coping with emotions, addicts learn to avoid them entirely. It is scary at first, the power of raw emotion unmasked when you turn away from addiction. But feeling, even sad, will feel better than perpetually feeling numb. It may take some getting used to, but if you are like the millions of people who have recovered before you, you are going to love feeling a full range of emotions, from sadness to joy.

You Will Learn Powerful New Skills

Now you are going to be feeling emotions again, instead of using addiction to turn them off, you will need some skills to process them. A good rehab program will work with you closely, offering both individual counseling and group sessions where you can discuss what you are experiencing and feeling and how to deal with that. You will learn how to remain a little calmer as you experience, accept, and process emotions and then easily let them pass. Some programs may offer special techniques like mindfulness meditation.

man and woman shaking hands and smiling

Become Trustworthy Again

You Will Gain The Respect Of Others

If you are like most addicts, you have probably let some people down or done some embarrassing things. Some people may have lost some respect for you. When people perceive the new you, they will understand you are working hard to be free from addiction. They will come to learn that they can once again depend on you.

You Will Be Healthier

Most addictions take a toll on your health. Addictive substances directly damage your health, and all addiction can distract you from the importance of good eating, sleeping and exercise habits. Whatever your addiction, when you decide to live clean, you will find rehab programs lead you to better health habits. Stay the course knowing that you are going to feel great!

You Will Feel Good About Yourself

With all these great things you will be learning and doing and your new friends and your improved health, you are going to feel really good about yourself, in a profound way. You will learn to accept yourself and treat yourself with compassion, so even when you do something you are not proud of, you will remain committed to your course and you won’t beat yourself up. You will learn to truly love yourself again.

Does all that sound good? Then what are you waiting for?

Take The First Step!

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