How Blogging Could Help You Recover from Drug Abuse

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A recovery blog is sort of like an online journal where you talk about your experiences, opinions, challenges, and concerns. It differs from a regular journal because other people can read what you have written and leave comments (although you can choose not to allow this option). There are a number of benefits of blogging in recovery including:


A Blog Encourages You to Stay Focused on Recovery


It can be hard to maintain a strong focus on recovery once you have been sober for a few months. It is so easy to just get caught up in life, but this change in priorities can put your sobriety in danger. If you commit to keeping a recovery blog, you are going to need to keep adding posts to it regularly (you want to have at least one new post every week), and this helps to keep you focused on your recovery. It is also likely to mean you will be spending more of your thinking about sobriety in-between posts.


Blogging Means Increased Clarity and Insights


The benefit of taking your thoughts and turning them into a blog post is means you think about things far more clearly. This is because you need to be able to explain things in a way other people are going to understand. By doing this writing, it also means you pick up on insights you would have otherwise missed.


Tip – If you have some problem or dilemma, you should write a blog post about it. In many cases, the solution will become obvious to you by the time you are finished writing.


A Blog Can be an Excellent Resource for Advice and Support


Have you ever tried to tell people how you are feeling, but they keep on interrupting or changing the subject? One of the nice things with a blog post is you get to say everything you want to say without interruption. The fact the other person has actually heard your side of things means they are in a better position to offer advice and support.


Blogging Can Mean New Opportunities in Life


One of the most wonderful things about having a blog is you never know who is going to be reading it or what doors it is going to open for you. It is important to have realistic expectations, but you may be offered some exciting opportunities if your blog becomes popular – e.g. you may be asked to give a talk somewhere about your experiences, or you could even be offered a book deal! The biggest reward can be knowing that by sharing your thoughts and experiences, you have helped somebody who is struggling.


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