Alternative Addiction Treatment

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Evidence shows that client-centered talk therapy with individual and group sessions are among the best methods for teaching addicts how to make the daily choice of a clean and healthy life. This type of therapy forms the core of almost all recovery programs. But are the other tools we can use to help us on the journey to recovery? There are many alternative therapies for combatting addiction. They can be combined with traditional talk therapy to help addicts learn a new, healthier, happier way to live. Popular alternative therapies for combatting addiction include art and drama therapy, meditation, yoga & breathwork, neuro-linguistic programming, theta meditation therapy, nutritional therapy, Chinese medicine, Breakthrough Life Coaching, boxing and kickboxing, craniosacral therapy, and massage. At Seasons Bali, we offer all these treatment options and more. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the most popular alternative addiction treatment therapies available in our holistic wellness program.

Art & Drama Therapy

Therapists help clients cultivate a feeling of support and safety. In this environment, clients harness their creative energy to recognize and work through their problems. It can be painful, but those realizations are important and worth it, and it can be fun too.

Meditation helps create self-awareness to combact addiction


When we learn to meditate, we learn to observe our mind quietly. Cultivating an ability to listen to yourself helps you ensure you are aware of the internal dialog you are having, which is crucial to recovery. These articles talk more about the benefits of mindfulness and the process of meditation.

Yoga & Breathwork

We include yoga in our list of alternative therapies because it seems to really help many of our clients. Yoga involves some meditative aspects that can help with self-awareness and emotional grounding. Yoga also helps us get in touch with our body and supports physical health, which is important for mental health. Breathwork helps us find a calm center and manage our emotions.

Yoga helps create a sense of inner peace

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro-linguistic programming uses language patterns that reflect neurological patterns to change behavior. Therapists can detect neurological patterns in a person’s language. These patterns drive behavior. To help change behavior, therapists reprogram neurological patterns using carefully chosen language and delivering subtle nonverbal cues. The rapport created is somewhat similar to hypnosis. Clients consciously recognize their internal representations of the external world and reprogram these inner thoughts to follow healthier patterns. Then clients imagine challenging situations and rehearse their newly learned responses. Some people condemn NLP as pseudo-science, but some of our clients have achieved great results with this alternative addiction treatment therapy.

Theta Meditation Therapy

Theta meditation therapy helps clients enter a meditative state dominated by theta frequency brain waves. This is a state of reduced stress and anxiety. Therapists guide clients in this state to confront their unhealthy beliefs fearlessly.

Breakthrough Life Coaching and Addiction Treatment

Breakthrough Life Coaching helps people to identify goals and work towards them without creating excessive pressure. This type of coaching involves focusing on self-esteem issues that are common among addicts.

Good nutrition supports recovery

Nutritional Therapy

Addiction is often accompanied by a lack of attention to nutritional health. Addicts often fail to eat regularly and when they do eat, they may choose foods that are filled with additives and sugar. Poor nutrition can add to the harmful physical effects of addiction. Building healthier dietary habits promotes addiction recovery.

Learning boxing helps addicts learn discipline

Boxing and Kickboxing

These sports help clients build focus and mental discipline and help create a sense of accomplishment and progress. At the same time, they provide a good cardiovascular workout. Good physical health supports good mental health.

Flexible Bespoke Alternative Addiction Therapy & Holistic Wellness Program

Clients can augment our highly effective primary program with alternative therapies for addiction recovery. Our in-house Holistic Wellness Coordinator and Counsellor, Amanda Jane, will help you explore the options to create a custom program, selecting the treatment options that you think will offer the most support for your efforts. You can read more about our Holistic Wellness Program for Addiction Recovery here.

Learn More About Our Addiction Recovery Program

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