Alcohol Addiction

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Alcohol is extremely addictive and yet it is legal to consume as much of it as you want. It’s also a part of society and our everyday lives. Most of us drink it in moderation and apart from the occasional hangover we never have a serious problem with it. Having said that, alcoholism can have a life-threatening impact on those that suffer from it and it kills thousands of people each year.


Alcohol is everywhere and it is available in many guises. You can buy it in pubs, in a restaurant, at the supermarket and now even at your local garage. Because it is supplied in so many forms the amount that you can safely drink can sometimes be confusing. The advice from the medical profession is that men should drink no more than twenty-one units of alcohol a week and women no more than thirteen. Now to put this into perspective, a normal sized glass of wine contains about three units of alcohol. It’s not difficult from these figures to work out that most of us drink more than we safely should.


If we are honest most of us realize that we are drinking to excess, and we also know that exceeding the recommended limits puts us at risk of illness and becoming addicted to alcohol. Most of us continue on regardless though and will have a drink at the first opportunity.


So what are the signs of alcohol addiction?


Do you feel that you have to make an excuse to have a drink- I wasn’t going to tonight but what a day it was at the office?


Do you start drinking earlier in the day on occasions?


Do you find that you need to have two drinks instead of one to get the same effect from the alcohol?


Do you sometimes feel a bit depressed after you have consumed alcohol with it sometimes leading to a bad experience at work or home?


Do you sometimes lie to your partner and /or your peers about the amount of alcohol that you consume?


If you have answered yes to any of the above questions then it could be that its time to review your alcohol consumption and perhaps also seek some advice.


Curing yourself of alcohol addiction can be very difficult because alcohol is so freely available. This is because it is an accepted part of our society and culture. The dilemma for the alcoholic is always the endless temptation of alcohol. However, once you as an individual come to terms with the fact that you have an addiction to alcohol, and understand the possible dangers to health, you can at least do something about it. For those people that are heavily addicted to alcohol there is the additional issue of withdrawal. If not managed properly seizures can occur because the body has become so reliant. Because of this professional treatment is required to ensure that the body is not put at further risk.


Treatment for alcohol addiction includes confronting and treating the underlying issues of the problem. GPs will often refer an individual to a local addiction centre, so that an assessment can be undertaken, and a treatment plan agreed. There are a number of private clinics that offer detoxification and sober living programs, where the individual stays at the treatment centre whilst the treatment is being undertaken.


Either way professional treatment needs to be sought at the earliest opportunity.


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