6 Bizarre Reasons for Not Getting Help with Alcoholism

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It is always going to be possible to come up with justifications for why you don’t need help to overcome your alcohol problem. The denial that so often accompanies addiction means that even the most illogical excuses can feel reasonable at the time. Here are the 6 most bizarre reasons people have for not getting help with alcoholism.


  • I’m Waiting for the Right Time to Quit


The harsh reality is that too many people who were waiting on the right time to quit alcohol are now dead. Things only get easier after you take action. The hardest step is to make a definite decision about when you are going to quit – this needs to be sooner rather than later.


  • Things Are Going to Get Better Soon


If you are addicted to alcohol, you will have days that are better than others, but generally speaking, things are only going to be getting worse for you. This is because your body has had to adapt to the substance abuse by developing a tolerance to alcohol. You need to drink more to get the same effect, and the increased intake means further deterioration to your physical and mental health – it never really gets better.


  • My Drinking Problem Isn’t Serious Enough to Require Help


Terminal uniqueness is the belief that we are the exception to the rule. It is easy to see how alcohol abuse is destroying the life of another person, but it is harder to accept this for ourselves. Even if you are a high functioning alcoholic, your life is in danger and you need help.


  • Going to Rehab Would Damage My Reputation


The downward spiral of addiction can definitely destroy your reputation, so preventing this happening is what is going to save it. If you are worried that going to rehab might be viewed negatively by bosses, clients, or colleagues, you could always do it anonymously – this is one of the benefits of choosing to come to Bali for rehab.


  • Life in Recovery Would be Dull


People who have been sober for a few months often complain that there just isn’t enough hours in the day to do all the things they want to do. Life in recovery opens you up to a world of possibilities, and it is the life of the alcoholic that is boring and depressingly predictable.


  • I’m Too Young to Quit Alcohol


There are people in their sixties who still believe they are too young to quit alcohol – this is just part of the denial of addiction. Even if you are sixteen years of age, you can’t afford to waste any more of your life to this chemical slavery.


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