5 Things to Consider Before Saying ‘No’ to Rehab

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If family or friends are urging you to go rehab, you may feel strongly that they are being unreasonable. Maybe you think you should be able to sort out your own problems and going to an inpatient treatment program is too extreme. Here are 5 things to consider before ruling out this option completely.


  • Most People Who Succeed in Rehab Were Initially Resistant to the Idea


It is not unusual for people who could do well from rehab to be against the idea in the beginning. In fact, if you ask most people who enter these programs, it will have taken a lot of convincing before they became willing to take this step. It is often the way in life that the best things for us appear unappealing initially.


  • Rehab Gives You the Tools You Need to Live a Better Life


If the only thing required for recovery was quitting alcohol or drugs, you probably wouldn’t need rehab. It is likely you had days in the past when you couldn’t engage in substance abuse (e.g. you were too sick), but your life didn’t become automatically perfect. The real challenge here isn’t stopping but staying stopped. The goal of rehab is to give you the tools you need to create a life where you no longer need to turn to mind-altering chemicals to cope.


  • Resistance to Rehab Can be Part of Addiction Denial


Admitting you have a problem is vital, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have escaped the denial that surrounds addiction. This foe can just become more subtle and part of this can be not seeing the need for rehab. It is one thing admitting you have a problem, but the part of your thinking that supports the addiction is going to more threatened by a solution that could set you free.


  • Don’t You Deserve the Best Chance of Recovery?


If your physician informed you that you had a disease like cancer, wouldn’t you want the best possible treatment? Addiction is just as dangerous, and it is only denial that prevents you from seeing this.


  • Rehab Increases Your Chances of Success


Once you make it beyond the first few months of recovery, the likelihood of you achieving permanent recovery greatly increases. Most solo attempts at sobriety don’t make it beyond the withdrawals stage, and it may be years before the person makes another attempt – assuming they manage to stay alive. If you want the best chance of success, it makes sense to choose rehab.


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