It is completely natural for our clients to feel apprehensive when they first arrive and we do our best to make your first day as stress-free as possible by giving you the time you need to settle into your new surroundings.

Your first day will probably unfold something like this:

  • A warm welcome from our Program Co-Ordinator, Gus Roberts, and other on-duty staff.

  • You’ll then complete some admission procedures and have a full medical examination.

  • Next you’ll be shown to your room and then given a tour of the villa and its facilities.

  • We’ll help you unpack and settle in.

  • You’ll be assigned a case manager who will work with you during your stay.

  • You will be assigned a ‘buddy’ from the existing group of residents to help you during your first week.

  • You’ll enjoy a delicious meal prepared by our executive chef.

While you are with us, you need never feel alone as our well trained case managers will always be there for you, should you need them.

A Typical Day

It often helps our clients to know what a typical day at rehab looks like and this is challenging because every day at Seasons Bali is a little different. However, a usual day might look something like this:

  • You’ll get out of bed with enough time to exercise, shower and dress before breakfast, which is served between 8am and 9am, depending on the morning activity. Twice a week this will mean a beach exercise session and on the remaining days a gentle stretching and meditation group takes place at the villa overlooking the rice paddies.

  • Your therapeutic program is usually divided into three or four sessions a day, beginning at 10am and ending between 3.30 and 5.30. Depending on the day it will entail a mixture of counselling, group work, educational sessions, art and drama therapy, exercise and recreational activities.

  • At night you will go to a recovery meeting and then have time to relax, watch TV, and reflect on your day, journal or read.

  • Rest is important so we encourage our residents to go to bed around 10pm, especially during the week. ‘Lights out’ is later on the weekends.

  • During the week, all your delicious meals will be provided by Komang, our chef, and his team who use fresh, premium local produce and closely follow a healthy, nutritional framework.

  • On the weekends, when our hardworking team of chefs have some important time off, there is plenty of opportunity for us to escort you to a choice of Seminyak’s fabulous dining experiences. There are a great number of excellent venues that offer a combination of high quality cuisine and a luxurious tropical ambience.

  • Leisure and recreation are also an important way to reconnect with yourself and others, so on the weekends we can schedule activities such as a round of golf, a trip to the beach, bowling, surfing or a sightseeing outing. Bali is awash with exciting things to do and see which helps to rekindle a lost passion for life and really helps to support our program.

  • Unlike most treatment facilities we take care of all your domestic needs including cooking, cleaning, laundry and other housekeeping duties. We believe that your time is best spent recovering, resting and focusing on your therapeutic goals.

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