Our treatment model is based on the philosophy that in order to treat addiction, or any mental health issue, we must provide a holistic cure that incorporates the healing of an individual’s psychological, social, physical, emotional and spiritual states. To simply cease drug use and not address a person’s deeper inner health does not result in real recovery meaning future relapse is exceedingly likely.

Holistic Addiction Treatment

Three aspects integral to a rehabilitation environment that can provide nurturing, compassionate and qualified care are location, staff and community. At Seasons Bali we pride ourselves on providing a world class addiction treatment facility with staff that are not only qualified in drug and alcohol counselling but also have first-hand experience in drug addiction and real recovery.

  • Location

Seasons Bali’s primary rehabilitation facility is a beautiful resort-like environment in one of the most soothing parts of Indonesia; possibly the world. The facility boasts a high class pool, luxury private ensuited rooms, and truly breathtakingly beautiful surrounds.

  • Staff

What truly separates Seasons Bali from other drug treatment facilities is our staff. We are incredibly proud to offer our residents the highest level of care and compassion available due to our staff’s industry leading qualifications and personal experience in attaining real recovery.

  • Community

Finally, we have created a therapeutic community at our facilities that provides individuals with the social aspect of treatment that is essential to real recovery. Residents participate in a community that helps teach individuals how to live harmoniously, and even give and gain strength from, others.

As our program is based on a holistic treatment model that offers comprehensive support to its clients, Seasons Bali’s full addiction treatment program is divided into two main parts: residential treatment, and after care support.

Residential Treatment

A tried and true program that incorporates 18 years of industry leading experience with one of the most beautiful rehabilitation facilities in the world.

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After Care

On-going compassionate and caring support as clients re-integrate themselves into normal everyday life.

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Exclusive One on One Program

Set away from the main treatment centre, the Exclusive One on One treatment program boasts our most beautiful VIP appropriate private villas and individual focused treatment plans.

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Family Program

A truly unique program that helps to further heal the individual, family members, and strengthen the family ties.

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