The following are genuine testimonials from real people that entered our program lost, scared, but not hopeless. We appreciate all clients that take the time to share their success through the Seasons Bali program.


My experience at Seasons was challenging but really good. I had expected to hate it and it really took until after I had detoxed until I could concentrate. Alcohol was my main thing but I had been taking Valium for a long time and I was very scared to come off that but the staff and the group here really helped me. My highlights have been getting to know all the people I have met, coming out of my shell and feeling more alive. I really enjoyed the yoga and meditation and at the weekends I loved going to the nice beaches and things like getting my nails done. They are things that I haven’t done for a really long time!

I’m really looking forward to going home and seeing my daughter and showing my family that I can be sober and that the NA/AA programs really work. I used to hate AA meeting but after doing the program here (at Seasons) and with all the information I have been given I can finally see how good it is.

Rama, 39, 90 day program, January 2017


When I came to Seasons had been taking Suboxone as a prescription from an outpatients service for a little over 2 years and abusing over the counter pain medication for big chunks of time. Before that I had 11 years of clean time and then relapsed. During that time (clean) I really got a life that I had never had and then I just screwed it up. It’s a pretty weird story about how I came to Seasons, I was on a year’s sabbatical from work, writing a book and had planned to come to Bali with two friends of mine who had long term sobriety. I was panicking because I was going to run of Suboxone and I went to hospitals and doctors on the island trying to get some and nobody had them and that led to me calling the Seasons help line, really to just see if I could get my tablets. I spoke to Justin (one of the advisors). I was sort of being honest because I really had no intentions of coming off completely, I had tried a few times and I would get it down to a really low dose and then couldn’t let go of it entirely. On the phone, he said to me ‘Don’t you want to get off it completely?’ I really wanted to tell him to **** himself but he struck a cord and I talked to my family and friends and called some other rehabs and then decided to just go for it.

I’ve been to rehab before and I was really expecting a detox and then out and it really didn’t work out that way. When I went before I was in a big facility in the States with 150 people and this was 16 years ago. I really wasn’t expecting to learn so much from the support staff here, especially those much younger than me with less time in recovery than I had had. It’s really hard to hide in here because of the small group and that was really good for me because I’m an isolater. I formed some really close relationships in a very short period of time both with the staff and the people who were in my group. My support worker was just amazing and I really didn’t like him at the start, he pushed my buttons but now I can’t imagine having worked Steps with anyone else.

My favourite thing was the drama groups. The teacher is absolutely incredible she can really get anyone to come out of their shell and I even enjoyed yoga by the end. Check in, especially when Gus (the Program Coordinator) was taking the group, was fantastic. He could really be a professor that guy! The food was just excellent too and the chef makes a really good curry and is always open to trying new things.

Seasons has really given me my life back, I had really lost my mind. I want to be clean and I want to be free and now I have that joy and that pain!

Eric, 28 day program, December 2016


Just a short note to thank you and all your staff for taking over a damaged and emaciated young woman and returning to us the daughter that we used to have. Your dedication and concern for you patients is a credit to your organisation. We realise that her treatment is ongoing and that she still needs a lot of support, that we will (are) giving her. We picked her up from the airport at around 7.00am on Tuesday morning and she attended her first meeting at 12.00pm the same day, she is showing a lot of commitment to getting well. Her first real test came on the following Sunday when we has a gathering of all the family, a situation that she would normally avoid, but it was a great success, our other daughter said how nice it was to have her sister back again!! Since then she has got a job, a car (good ol’ Mum & Dad) and is settling back into society again, and is still attending her meetings. So, thanks again, in my opinion Seasons has performed a miracle.
Very pleased Mum & Dad
I came to Seasons after my family did an intervention on me because they were concerned about my drinking. I had been drinking on my own every night. After Seasons I feel stronger, I feel balanced, I’ve learned to put up more healthy boundaries and have much higher self-esteem. The best things about the program were being with other addicts, experiencing honesty, not being judged and being accepted for exactly how I am. Not only am I sober but I’m taking a whole lot of positive values back for my children.
Sarah, 42, 28 day program, December 2015
I had been using ice and coke – smoking and intravenously – as well as alcohol since I was 12 years old. I’m 28 now and it’s my first attempt at recovery. I’m so thankful that I went to Seasons. I needed a 90 day program and also their Transitional Housing Program to ease me back into society and normal life. It provided a beautiful facility and a program of action that has worked for me. I’m now drug free and fit. I’ve developed some patience and willingness. There were male role models that have been a positive influence in my life. The staff were excellent and the food was 5 star. I’m surfing and have a positive outlook on life now. And I know it’s not just for days to come but months to come.
Nick, 28, 90 day Primary Recovery Program, April 2016
I’ve just finished the 28 day program at Seasons Bali. I arrived desperately needing help as alcohol had taken over my life. At Seasons I found the right support and an excellent program that has helped me to change my life and my attitude. It has given me the confidence to now face life without alcohol by continuing on the program that they set me up with. Some of the best things about the Seasons program are the structure and the program content, the support I got from the satff and community, and the healthy food. They use lots of fresh products, which was important to me as I work in the nutrition field. I came here with such a negetive atitude and now I’m leaving with a positive one. I have a completely different way of looking at things now. I’m leaving with confidence in my future and my sobriety and with the tools to maintain my sobriety in the future. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s struggling with addiction.
Carolyn, 28 day program, May 2016
I decided to come to Seasons because my life had taken a really dark twist and my dependence on drugs and alcohol had started to rule my life. Now I have a new restored hope in a bright future, a newfound freedom within myself and I’m noticeably less anxious. I have so much more confidence and self-esteem and more faith in humanity. Group check-ins were a great way to face fears, identify feelings and work through emotions. The support staff go above and beyond and the manangement and counsellors are next level amazing. It was the best decision I had made in a long time.
Megan, 35, 90 day program, Dec 2015
This was my first experience at rehab after 35 years of drinking and using. And I entered day one hopeless, bitter and spiritually bankrupt. But willing to try anything. I exited 50 days later with a formal and informal support system, physically well and had developed a spiritual foundation and a hopefulness about the future that I have never experienced before.
Daryl 52, 50 day Primary Recovery Program, Seasons Bali, October 2015
Before I came to Seasons I had been a daily user and drinker for a decade and my life was tough. It had been really hard keeping things together and then I stopped being able to do that. Before I came in was the lowest point in my life. I think I had a lot of trepidation about coming to treatment but the staff at Seasons were so great. They were empathetic and sympathetic to my needs. After 90 days I left Seasons with a lot of hope and faith that I’d be able to employ what I had learned there and get my life back on track. Without reservation coming to Seasons was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.
Nick 30, 90 day Primary Recovery Program, October 2015
I came to Seasons with little hope and no direction. I needed to change my life dramatically. The program was really progressive for me and helped me to look at things in a different light. The fact that everyone else is in recovery is one of the best things about the program. And the staff are absolutely wonderful. Now I see a life without alcohol and a bright future.
Stephen, 32, 60 day Primary Recovery Program, October 2015