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The disease of addiction or alcoholism is often referred to as the ‘disease of relapse’ and that is why, at Seasons Bali, we scrupulously prepare our clients for their return to their new sober lives. Drinking and using drugs addictively changes the way that the brain functions and this means that ongoing effort is required to stay on the straight and narrow. Relapse prevention is a crucial part of the program because it is one thing to stop and stay stopped when in the nurturing confines of the treatment centre but another matter entirely when faced with the challenges and temptations of everyday life.

At Seasons Bali we also provide a number of aftercare options to help with the client’s smooth transition into a new life of recovery following completion of the treatment program. We are a relatively small and intimate rehabilitation centre and therefore have a real vested interest in the success of each individual.

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Personalised Relapse Prevention for Effective Drug and Alcohol Recovery

We address the issue of relapse prevention in several ways with the ultimate goal being to help clients achieve sustainable, long term recovery.

At Seasons, we see each client as an individual and this is especially important when looking at relapse prevention. Our case managers and therapist work closely with the clients to develop a personalised exit plan which takes into consideration all the relevant aspects of their circumstances including: living situation, career, family, support system and general health.

Our skilled clinical staff are all in recovery themselves and are acutely aware of the impending challenges faced by those leaving rehab, enabling them to provide important insight and support. Additionally, clients are encouraged to recognise, acknowledge and deal with their triggers through a variety of practical techniques which help to minimise potential risk.

This preparatory work begins long before the finish line of treatment is in sight, so the staff have plenty of time to help fine tune different aspects of the client’s plan before finalising it in the last week.

Further to this, the issue of relapse prevention is addressed in group therapy and within an educational setting so clients develop a deep awareness of the true nature of addiction and alcoholism which greatly improves their ability to succeed after treatment has ended.

Some of the general ways that our program and experienced staff address the issue of relapse is by helping clients to:

  • Recognise the signs of cravings and learn how to deal with these.

  • See addiction and alcoholism as a chronic illness.

  • Learn about cross addiction and how various prescription medications can act as triggers.

  • Be open and honest about their feelings.

  • Learn techniques and ways to process negative feelings.

  • Learn ways to establish self-worth and self-esteem.

  • Identify the people, places and things which trigger the temptation to drink and/or use drugs.

  • Eradicate denial.

  • Learn ways to avoid isolation.

  • Get through long-term withdrawal – For some clients, withdrawing from certain drugs is a long process. Sometimes it can take up to a year for the brain to return to normal physiological function.

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