Seasons Bali began in August 2011 when the Program Director and Founder, Richard Smith, an experienced drug counsellor with many years of experience, moved to Bali and begun an exclusive one on one treatment service for people seeking to recover from these problems. He started this at Villa Uma Sari and in a very short space of time this became so popular that it became impossible for him to cater for all the people requiring his help.

This had really kicked off as a pet project to keep him occupied and engaged in his retirement but it was so successful he decided to open Villa Putih with 4 beds in November 2011 and over the last few years the drug and alcohol rehab project has grown to three times its original size with 12 beds at the current site. This is a significance growth, facilitated by the skilled and enthusiastic team that has been gathered here and the excellent outcomes they have enjoyed. Seasons are mindful that this success is partly because of the exclusive service offered and therefore seek to remain an essentially personalised and intimate provision of care.

Since this time Seasons has grown to be one of the most respected clinics in Asia and the model it delivers so effectively has been sought out by other countries from across the globe. Consequently, a Seasons luxury drug and alcohol rehab will open in Portugal in September 2016 and plans for further luxury rehab models are in discussion. Seasons Bali is the only rehab in Asia with an ISO9001 accreditation which stipulates that it must adhere to strict quality standards.

The Hader Clinic Australia

This clinic is the Seasons Bali mothership and was established in 1997 in Melbourne, by Richard Smith as a response to the heroin epidemic in Victoria. The vision was to establish a holistic treatment program for drug and alcohol problems that was delivered using the best practice models available.

The Hader clinic grew out of Richard’s Counselling Solutions practice which morphed into a rapid opiate withdrawal and aftercare program and then reached maturity in 2003 when it became a fully-fledged residential treatment centre run as a medically supervised therapeutic community. This facility now has the capacity to help addicts and alcoholics through all stages of recovery from detox to primary care treatment and beyond to transitional housing and ongoing counselling. Family programs have also been added and as a result outcomes have shown continuous improvement, with more clients than ever going on to live normal well-adjusted lives.

The Seasons Hader brand has continued to expand and now includes a Women’s program in Melbourne and a recently opened therapeutic community in Queensland. In total, including transitional housing, some 160 beds are provided across 5 facilities all helping addicts and alcoholics to get clean and sober and stay that way one day at a time.

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