What is it Heroin?

Heroin, like opium and morphine, is made from the milky sap-like resin of the opium poppy which is then refined into these different forms. This drug has been around for a long time but it was first manufactured as ‘heroin’ in 1898 by the Bayer pharmaceutical company in Germany and was consequently marketed as a treatment for tuberculosis as well as a cure for morphine addiction.

Heroin is an illegal opiate and, like all opiates, is a very effective painkiller. It is also highly addictive and produces a mellow euphoric high that makes the user feel drowsy and peaceful as opposed to the energetic exhilarated high produced by stimulants. If the user takes too much they can overdose relatively easily as heroin depresses heart and lung function.

In an effort to stop taking heroin and curb the consequences of its use, some addicts also end up addicted to substitution therapies such as Suboxone and Methadone. Seasons Bali can also treat people addicted to this class of drug. Our medical and clinical staff have years of collective experience and training in this specialised area of drug and alcohol treatment.

What are the effects of Heroin addiction?

Cocaine targets the brain’s pleasure and reward centre releasing a large amount of dopamine resulting a short intense high making the user feeling amazing, confident and on top of the world. The effects of snorting coke last only a short time and the high generally lasts around 20-30 minutes.

Short term effects:

  • Constipation

  • Cold sweats

  • Itching

  • Weakening of the immune system

  • Risk of Overdose

  • Cravings

Long term effects:

  • Bad teeth and inflammation of the gums

  • Respiratory illnesses

  • Muscular weakness or partial paralysis

  • Reduced sexual capacity for men and women and long-term impotence in men

  • Menstrual disturbance in women

  • Memory loss and reduced intellectual capacity

  • Introversion

  • Depression

  • Loss of appetite

  • Insomnia

  • Heart problems, including infection of heart lining and valves

  • Infectious diseases spread by shared needles (HIV and hepatitis B and C)

  • Blood clots or tissue death resulting from collapsed veins

  • Liver disease

  • Arthritis and other rheumatologic problems

  • Financial and Social Problems

  • Tolerance to the drug and a need to take more.

Heroin mimics the natural endorphins released by the brain and when it is taken these flood the space between the nerve cells, stopping them from reacting and producing a comforting high. If the substance is taken regularly the brain becomes less attuned to producing its own endorphins and begins to rely on the intruding chemical. This is part of the reason for the addict developing tolerance and dependence towards their drug of choice and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms when use stops. Recent research also suggest that taking this drug results in deterioration of the brain’s white matter which may affect the addicts ability to make decisions, regulate behaviour and respond in a healthy way to stressful situations.

The True Effects of the danger of Heroin

Heroin Withdrawal at Seasons Bali

As with all other substances, recovery from heroin addiction begins with withdrawal. It is imperative that the physical aspect of the problem is addressed first before any other issues. Our experienced addiction consultants gather information about the client’s history and pattern of use before they arrive at Seasons Bali. Once they get here our experienced medical staff then conduct a comprehensive medical examination and assess the specific detox needs of each client.

For many heroin addicts this can be a frightening prospect as they have done everything within their power not to feel the intense symptoms of withdrawal. These include:

  • Nausea and diarrhoea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Nervousness and Paranoia
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms
  • Intense Cravings

However, at Seasons Bali we have many years’ experience in helping addicts through this and with the assistance of our experienced medical team keep clients as comfortable as possible. Additionally, our excellent case managers all of whom are in recovery, provide significant emotional support. Heroin detox usually consists of a tapered medicated withdrawal regime. The type of medication and the duration of the withdrawal period depends on a number of factors including the amount the resident is physically dependent on when they arrive. Clients are constantly monitored during this withdrawal phase to ensure their changing symptoms are successfully managed by our medical and clinical staff.

Heroin Addiction Treatment at Seasons Bali

Heroin treatment at Season Bali is delivered within a residential therapeutic community because this has proven, through many years of research, to be the most successful model for long lasting change. Our rehabilitation program includes one on one counselling, group therapy, art therapy, drama therapy, educational groups and relapse prevention work. The holistic method that is taken also encompasses yoga, beach exercise and recreational weekend outings. This balanced approach treats the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and social problems of the individual and their problem.

All facets of our rehab program are based on comprehensive research into the most effective methods to ensure long lasting recovery and includes dealing with the underlying causes and consequences of addiction. Our Founder and Clinical Director has been working with heroin addicts since 1986 and has run a successful drug and alcohol rehab in Melbourne since 1997. Seasons Bali follows the same proven treatment method and has a steadfast commitment to provide each individual with the best care and support possible.

We recommend that clients stay for a full 90 day program as this facilitates the best chance of lasting change but we understand this is not always possible and offer 28 day and 60 day programs.

Our wonderful team of housekeeping staff and our talented kitchen team mean that the concerns of daily life are taken care of and clients are free to focus entirely on their program of recovery. Moreover, our beautiful location on the tropical island of Bali richly contributes to the core work of rejuvenation and change that happens here.

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