Addiction has a profound effect on the family and friends of the person drinking and using drugs. Family and friends are often bewildered by their loved one’s behavior and struggle with how to best help them while also taking care of themselves and other family members. The aim of providing support for families of addicts and alcoholics is to begin to heal this dynamic and help clients and their loved ones move forward with newfound skills, knowledge and understanding.

While it is important to focus on the individual during treatment, research and experience has shown that treatment outcomes are greatly improved when those closest to the client are also supported. Treating the whole family is more effective than just treating the individual. Family intervention and support for families of alcoholics and addicts can help significantly during the treatment procedure and make life after treatment a lot easier for everybody.

We understand the relationship between drugs & families. That is why Seasons Bali offers a range of services that cater to the family members and significant others of those in treatment. These services can be tailored to cater to each client’s individual circumstances and needs so that support for families of addicts and alcoholics is effective.

Seasons Bali: Family Week

The Seasons Bali Family Week brings together the family and the addict/alcoholic in an intensive integrated treatment program over one week and offers the most comprehensive form of support for families of alcoholics and addicts.

Loved ones are invited to join the client in treatment in order to gain a better understanding of the nature of addiction and how to effectively support the addict’s recovery while also looking after themselves. Family Week integrates the Seasons Bali interdisciplinary staff, family and the addict/alcoholic into a cooperative, smooth functioning team, focused on the goal of recovery from alcoholism and addiction and support for families of addicts and alcoholics.

Support for families of alcoholics and addicts during Family Week consists of education, structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries as well as guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships. Individual and family counselling provides a safe and therapeutic environment where each person can explore their own thoughts, feelings and behaviors and learn to live happier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives together. There is also fitness, leisure and recreational activities as well as personal time.

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