Why Do Families Need Support?

Addiction and alcoholism have a profound and sometimes unacknowledged effect on the family and friends of the person drinking and using drugs. People are often bewildered by their loved one’s behaviour and struggle with how to best help them while also taking care of themselves and other family members. While it is important to focus on the person with the problem during rehab, extensive research into the effectiveness of drug and alcohol treatment outcomes, has shown that the chances of success are greatly improved when those closest to the client are also supported in the right way.

At Seasons Bali we understand the often complex relationship between drugs/alcohol, the user and their family enabling us to offer a range of services designed to help everyone involved. These can be tailored to cater to each client’s individual circumstances so that the optimum support for families of addicts and alcoholics is achieved.

The Aims of Family Week

The aim of this important week is to begin to heal the family dynamic and help clients and their loved ones move forward with newfound skills, knowledge and understanding. Years of addiction can lead to family members, with the best of intensions, dealing with their loved ones’ behaviour in a number of ways that actually exacerbates the situation. Through our carefully structured program, relatives and significant others will gain a new comprehension of addiction and alcoholism and how to handle this within their family unit. Treating the whole family for a period of time is a constructive process which seeks to break down old patterns of behaviour and instil new healthy ones. Additionally by involving families with their loved ones’ long term goals for ongoing recovery this helps to make them a reality. Family week facilitates everyone moving forward together with the same information and the same goals. This is a deeply enriching process which can often be emotionally challenging and we can also assist in facilitating ongoing support if this is required.

What to Expect at Family Week Seasons Bali

The Seasons Bali Family Week brings together the family and the addict/alcoholic in an intensive integrated treatment program which offers the most all-embracing form of support for everyone concerned.

Loved ones are invited to join the client in the treatment facility and participate fully in the Primary Recovery Program to gain a better understanding of the nature of addiction and how to effectively support the addict’s recovery while also looking after themselves. Furthermore, the families simultaneously work with their own specialist case manager on specific therapeutic tasks which effortlessly combine with the recovery work being completed by the client. The skilled staff at Seasons Bali help to assimilate the family and the client into a cooperative team focused on the achievable goal of recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

Family Week features educational sessions, structured exercises around communication and setting boundaries as well as guided discussions that explore addiction, the family system and relationships. Additionally, there are individual and family counselling sessions with our excellent therapist who provides a safe environment where each person can have the space to explore their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours. The varied schedule also includes fitness, leisure and recreational activities as well as personal time for reflection. The far-reaching benefits of this program helps our clients and their families to live happier, more peaceful and fulfilling lives together.

How long is Family Week and When does it take place?

Usually family week takes place over one weekend and 5 week days. It can be completed at any time during the client’s treatment, once they have completed any withdrawal period and have had a chance to settle in to the facility. Please speak to one of our addiction specialists for further details.

Additional Support for Loved Ones of Addicts and Alcoholics

At Seasons Bali, we understand that it is not always possible for families or significant others to attend Family Week because of other commitments but this does not rule out our ability to provide support. We can offer those able to come for shorter stays, counselling sessions with our skilled family therapist to learn more about alcoholism and addiction and how best to help. These sessions can be taken individually or as a family group and our expert staff can advise on what will be the most beneficial format.

For family members based in or around Melbourne, Australia we can facilitate a meeting with one of the family therapists at the Hader Clinic. This will provide relatives with crucial information and skills about how to best look after themselves and effectively support their loved one.

Furthermore, we can also provide a variety of printed and electronic educational resources as well as referrals to other resources.

Included in the Seasons Family Week Program:

  • Daily Check-in Group Mon-Fri

  • Daily Educational Group Mon-Fri

  • Airport Transfers and VIP Immigration Service

  • One Individual Counselling Session

  • Personal Support Staff

  • Personal Housekeeping Staff In-house Meals Prepared by Seasons Chef

  • In-house Meals Prepared by Seasons Chef

  • Private Room with Ensuite in Villa Style Accommodation or Shared Room with Partner

  • One Family Counselling Session

  • Three Yoga Classes

  • Two Beach Fitness Sessions

  • All Transport Requirements in Bali

  • 12 Step Meeting Attendance

*Due to recreation activities, clients and family eat lunch and dinner out on weekends and must pay for their own meals.

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