In a broad sense dual diagnosis is used to refer to somebody who is suffering from two or more medical conditions at the same time. In terms of addiction to drugs and alcohol it usually denotes a person who is facing a problem with substance abuse as well as a mental health condition such as depression or bipolar disorder. Additionally this term can be applied to somebody who is suffering from an addiction to alcohol/drugs and an addiction to another compulsive behaviour such as gambling or sex. Further to this, the term can extended to cover people who are facing a physical health problems such as HIV or cancer as well as a substance abuse issue. Other labels given to this occurrence are ‘comorbidity’ or ‘co-occurring disorders’ and it is estimated that over half of people who suffer with addiction to drugs and alcohol have some sort of co-occurring psychological disorder.

Common mental health disorders and co-occurring addictions associated with substance misuse problems include:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  • Co–dependency

  • Eating Disorders

  • Gambling Addiction

  • Process Addiction

  • Sex Addiction

This is a specialised and complex area that requires a treatment program that blends the most successful aspects of mental health care with effective substance abuse treatment. In the most severe cases, patients can actually suffer from more than one personality disorder plus their addiction, or even several addictions at once.

Firstly, successful treatment requires a team that can diagnose accurately and determine which condition is primary. This can be a challenging process because for some addicts and alcoholics their mental health condition has been exacerbated by their substance abuse, while in others, the use of drugs and alcohol have masked an underlying condition. Additionally, for some people diagnosed with psychological disorders, once they address their addiction issues they find that their other symptoms disappear. This is because the negative effects of prolonged and excessive drug and alcohol use can easily mimic symptoms such as depression, anxiety or psychosis, which subside once the person stops using.

Why Choose a Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centre?

Residential rehabilitation provides the best environment for clients to recover from co-occurring disorders as we provide a consistent output of care within a single organised framework. Frequently, diagnosing and treating these clients in their own homes is complex and challenging because several support providers may be involved with the different aspects of the individual’s problem. This approach relies on interagency collaboration and has the potential to result in disjointed care and inadequate supervision. Added to this, the very nature of addiction and alcoholism and some mood disorders can make patients unreliable and render them unable or unwilling to attend the appointments that they so desperately need to get to.

Effective Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Seasons Bali

Seasons Bali is primarily a drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, however, we believe in a holistic, integrated provision of care and understand the importance of addressing these other issues. We have a team of professionals including experienced doctors, the best psychiatrist in Bali and addiction specialists who can assess the individual needs of each client and determine the most suitable individual treatment plan. Our experienced clinical and medical teams consult with each other on a daily basis to ensure the continuing progress of each client. We also work closely, wherever possible, with the resident’s diagnosing physician back home so as to provide the most comprehensive and thorough treatment program for the individual concerned.

These clients are often high risk individuals as their conditions can frequently interact making them more susceptible to relapse and destructive behaviours such as self-harm and suicide. We understand that these clients require additional support and special attention which is provided by our compassionate clinical team who are on hand 24 hours a day throughout the recovery process. We have helped many clients who suffer from a complex combination of co-occurring disorders to successfully achieve long term health, happiness and sobriety.

Furthermore, our well connected team can make referrals to the right people back home if further maintenance of a psychiatric condition is required once the client has finished treatment.

We highly recommend that clients with a dual diagnosis remain in primary care treatment for the full 90 days to give as long as possible for both conditions to stabilise and to be addressed. Seasons Bali also offers 28 and 60 day treatment programs.

Treatment for Depression and Addiction

Depression is by far the most common co-existing condition that we see amongst addicts and alcoholics and can exist on a scale from mild to manic or bipolar. The drugs and alcohol issue needs to be addressed first because these substances alter the mood of the user, alcohol, for example, is a known depressant. It is absolutely essential that the individual seeks effective professional treatment.

For some people the symptoms of their mood disorder disappear once they treat their addiction but for others the symptoms remain and require ongoing management. At Seasons Bali we offer a range of depression treatment solutions, which can be tailored to each individual. Some need to come off antidepressant medication whereas others need to stay on it. These decisions are made after careful consideration by the clinical team, including our psychiatrist, in consultation with the client and their prescribing doctor.

Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety disorders are also relatively common amongst addict and alcoholics. External stresses related to family, work, finances, unresolved grief or the consequences of addiction can bring on anxiety or it can be truly physiological in its origin. Either way, it is debilitating condition which causing great stress, distorted thinking and even panic attacks.

Although drugs and alcohol may temporarily relieve symptoms, in the long term substance abuse causes an overall increase in these and is not a solution. It is also not uncommon for people to seek medical help only to become addicted to the anxiety medication that they are subsequently prescribed.

Seasons Bali treats both disorders concurrently and is specially tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Our Clinical team are highly trained and experienced at providing effective anxiety treatment in a therapeutic community model in order to bring about long-term recovery.

Other co-occurring conditions treated at Seasons Bali include but are not limited to:

  • Bi-polar Disorder

  • Borderline Personality Disorder

  • Schizophrenia

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Eating Disorders

Food addiction and eating disorders cause serious harm to a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Therefore, treatment must address all these aspects in order to be effective in the long term. Someone suffering from an eating disorder can exhibit different types of harmful eating patterns including:

  • Anorexia

  • Bulimia

  • Binge Eating

At Seasons, residents have the opportunity to work closely with our experienced Nutritionist to develop a healthy and balanced food plan that is designed to their individual nutritional needs.

This is closely monitored and can be adjusted according to the resident’s changing needs. Our clinical and medical team also assess, treat and monitor any physical and medical issues that have come about as a result of a resident’s eating disorder.

We use a well-established model of addiction treatment which utilises a broad range of methods to address the underlying causes of addiction and bring about long-term, ongoing recovery. These include one-on-one counselling, process group work, educational groups and relapse prevention work in a therapeutic community model.

Gambling Addiction

Although many people can gamble responsibly, the gambling addict, despite their best efforts, is not able to control their behaviour. The compulsion to gamble is so overpowering that they have no ability to resist it, even when they know that what they are doing is causing themselves and their loved ones great pain.

Seasons Bali follows the same proven treatment method as our founding clinic in Melbourne and has an absolute commitment to helping clients to achieve their full potential. This includes dealing with the underlying causes and consequences of the addiction and providing continuing rehabilitation in an environment of respect, dignity and support.

Sex Addiction

Sex addiction is a serious and complex illness that is not necessarily defined by the amount or type of sex someone is having. This is more about the compulsive need to act out on certain sexual behaviours even when they are causing destructive consequences. In the same way that a drug addict or alcoholic has no ability to control their use of their substance of choice, someone suffering from sex addiction loses the ability to control their sexual behaviour, even when they know that what they are doing is causing themselves and their loved ones great pain.


Co-dependency is also known as ‘relationship addiction’ and occurs when someone compulsively puts other people’s needs and wants ahead of their own. This, in turn has a destructive impact on their quality of life and the nature of their relationships. Although this condition manifests in relationships with others, the primary dysfunctional relationship for the co-dependent is actually the relationship with self. Some of the symptoms include low self-esteem, chronic people pleasing, taking too much responsibility, difficulty communicating authentically or setting healthy boundaries and being overtly controlling of both situations and people. This in turn can cause all manner of negative consequences at work, at home and in social situations, as well as an array of crippling emotions and mental health issues that can seriously threaten the individual’s wellbeing.

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