Crack cocaine is a potent crystallised form of cocaine and is usually produced by ‘cooking’ the powdered form of the drug with ammonia or sodium bicarbonate. This process is called ‘freebasing’ and essentially makes the drug stronger. This substance is usually smoked but can also be injected and gets its name from the snapping and crackling sound it makes when heated.

What are the effects of Crack Cocaine addiction?

Taking crack cocaine makes the user feel alert and energetic but the intense and immediate high lasts for a very short period of time from 5 to 15 minutes. This often means that the user is on a never ending merry-go-round of finding money and drugs with very little time or inclination to look after other areas of their lives. Crack cocaine is a lot cheaper and often more accessible than coke and this makes it initially more attractive.

Short term effects:

  • Elevated Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

  • Cravings

  • Reduced Inhibitions

  • Nausea

  • Paranoia

  • Elated Mood

  • Chest Pain

  • Potential for Seizure (Even in a First Time User)

Long term effects:

  • Destruction to Personal Relationships

  • Premature Ageing

  • Dental Problems

  • Elevated Heart Rate

  • Increased Resistance in the Body’s Blood Vessels and Hardening of the Arteries

  • Increased Risk of Heart Attacks

  • Increased Risk of Cardiac Arrhythmia’s

  • Damage to the Lungs

  • Decreased Memory and Attention Span

  • Seizures, Strokes and the Potential for Irreversible Brain Damage

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Paranoia and Hallucinations

  • Anger and Aggression

  • Risk of Blood Borne Diseases

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal at Seasons Bali

Detoxing from crack cocaine can potentially be more intense than withdrawal from regular cocaine use, however, usually this is a relatively short process and only the beginning of the journey into recovery. Most crack cocaine users require a short term, medicated detox which at Seasons Bali is supervised by our skilled and experienced medical team. Before clients are admitted, our addiction specialists gather a detailed assessment of their crack cocaine use to help determine the detox regime that they should follow. On arrival a full medical examination is conducted and a final decision made on how to proceed. Withdrawal symptoms are often more physiological than physical, with users often feeling anxious, exhausted, paranoid, depressed and irritable. The support of our excellent clinical team, many of whom are in recovery themselves and have experienced the pain of withdrawal, provides unparalleled support during this process.

Effective Crack Cocaine Addiction Treatment at Seasons Bali

Treatment really starts in earnest when the withdrawal period is over and the client is better able to focus on the aspects of the program which seek to tackle the underlying causes of addiction. Our comprehensive program includes one-on-one counselling, educational groups, process group work, and relapse prevention work as well as exercise, recreation, massage, art therapy, drama therapy and daily outings. This is delivered with the provision of 24 hour care, away from triggers and temptations of everyday life and within an environment of luxury. Housekeeping is provided and healthy meals are served each day to allow the client time and space to focus entirely on getting well. Our program gives clients the ability to create healthy, happy lives and to achieve successful, long-term recovery from crack cocaine addiction.

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