Abstinence Based Treatment: A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing

Abstinence is a pretty terrifying word. Even the noise the vowels and consonants make as they bang together as it rolls out of the mouth, are sharp edged and nippy. It sounds unkind, austere and [...]

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Pioneers in the Fight against Drug Addiction meet in Bali ICARO – The Magic of Recovery

A new world order in the fight against drug addiction was heralded in by the ancient sounds of the gamelan in the long forgotten north of Bali. A wild but strangely fitting contrast given the [...]

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How a Big Rehab Stays Small

The Seasons Hader Group has rehabs in Australia, Thailand, Bali and one set to open in Sri Lanka in a few weeks. So how does a big company like this maintain a personal approach to [...]

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12 Myth Busters For 12 Step Fellowships

No, it’s not a cult. Busting the myths around 12 step fellowships At Season’s rehabilitation centres we use an internationally accredited style of holistic treatment that addresses all five aspects of addiction. The physical, psychological, [...]

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Obsession and Craving – The Evil Twins of Addiction

YOU’RE HURTING US ALL! At their core, right down deep inside, addicts and alcoholics are self-harmers. They may not know it, but by the time their addiction has taken hold they’re firmly on a pathway [...]

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A Message For The Wives Of Addicts, From A Wife Who Went Through It Too.

Betrayal is a powerful word. It has weight to it, real weight and devastating effect when you’re on the receiving end of the dishonesty it describes. If you’re the wife of a using addict or [...]

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