This truly high-end provision offers an exclusive, VIP treatment service for individuals seeking a higher level of support, comfort and anonymity.

Clients who attend this program live at a charming, private villa at a separate location, away from our main treatment centre and are attended by a team of our best staff. The schedule is entirely tailored to the needs of the client and the focus is therapeutically specific to the problems that they face. This approach is designed to help facilitate ongoing, long term recovery.

An Exclusive Recovery Service that Works

This program is based on the many years of experience that out founder, Richard Smith, has in designing tools for recovery from drugs and alcohol and like the Primary Recovery Program is informed by his extensive knowledge and research. In fact, this exclusive service was actually the original concept for Seasons Bali but proved so popular and successful that a separate multi-bed facility was opened.

Overview of our Bespoke One on One Recovery Service

Our Bespoke One on One Recovery Service includes therapy sessions with our senior therapist as well as intensive work with a personal case manager and educational and CBT sessions. And depending on whether our Founder and Clinical Director, Richard Smith, is on the island it may also mean the opportunity to complete some valuable therapeutic work with him.

Alternative therapies such as yoga, massage and meditation are included as often as requested and support the holistic approach of the program. Residents can also choose from a large range of other services such as fitness training, beach exercise, life coaching, traditional Balinese healing, acupuncture, bodywork and luxury spa treatments.

Our specially tailored, one on one service is fully supervised with a staff member onsite and available at all times but there is still enough time for the client to relax, reflect and take care of any necessary business matters. We take whatever measures necessary to ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of our clients are fully protected at all times.

How long is the Exclusive One on One Recovery Program?

Treatment periods range from 15 to 90 days and lower levels of ongoing support are available once resident returns to everyday life. This could additionally include a sober companion to accompany you on your journey home and support and coach you through the settling in period or regular phone/skype check-in sessions to keep you on track.

Our amazing location, affordability and high success rate attracts clients from all over the world and have helped establish our reputation as one of the world’s premier addiction treatment centres.

Included in the Seasons Bespoke One on One Recovery Program:

  • Private Luxury Beachside Villa

  • Individual Treatment Plan

  • Airport Transfers and VIP Immigration Service

  • 24/7 Personal Case Managers

  • Personal Therapist

  • Full Assessment including General Medical Assessment

  • Personal Recovery Coach

  • Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor

  • Private Chef

  • Private Driver and Transportation

  • Massage

  • Nutritional Assessment and Wellness Eating Plan

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