Aftercare is an essential part of the treatment process and fundamental to relapse prevention. At Seasons Bali we have a number of different approaches which depend on the individual circumstances of the client. These personalised aftercare programs include the extensive work we help each client put into their exit plans but further to this we can provide a number of other services.

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For those returning home and leaving the island, we offer a number of other methods to support the seamless transition to life outside rehab. These include:

  • Referrals to Counsellors in Your Area

  • Help Finding Peer Support in Your Area

  • Referrals to continuing addiction/alcoholism treatment or transitional housing, if relevant.

  • Sober Companions to Accompany the Client Home

  • Skype Support

  • If the clients are returning to Melbourne or Queensland we can hook them into the existing support structure of our affiliated rehabs there.

For those staying on the island after successfully completing treatment we can provide:

  • Outpatient support including daily check in.

  • Continuing counselling sessions.

  • Assistance finding a suitable place to stay so clients are close to the support system they have built while in treatment.

Seasons aftercare services are flexible and tailored to the requirements of each individual client with a clear focus on their continuing welfare and successful sobriety. Our committed staff will help give advice and facilitate whatever is relevant to the circumstances of each person.

The Seasons Community

Usually, during the month of June, we host a reunion day at our Primary Care Centre and open our doors to former clients, helping to send a formidable message of hope to our current clients and reminding those who have already passed through our doors that they are always a member of the Seasons community.

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